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Brendan Fanning B.Dent.Sc.; MSc.

Dental Radiology Practice.

This specialised Dental Radiology Practice was established in 2009. Imaging includes Dental Pantomograph (OPG), Lateral Cephalogram, Occlusal and 3D Cone-Beam CT imaging.

My qualifications are a general Dental Degree from Trinity College Dublin (1981) and an MSc in Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology from the University of London in association with King's College London (2007).

Images can be e-mailed to the dentist who requests the examination. 3D images are presented on a disc which incorporates Romexis software, facilitating the dentist to examine an area in detail. The software also allows implant planning and placement simulation.

Using a specialised radiology practice has advantages for the dentist and panient:


- All images are viewed by me; any abnormality is reported to the dentist.

- Images are transferred in the preferred format.

- Image Quality is constantly monitored.